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Everything you need to be an informed voter

The FREE Vote Owl Mobile App helps you to decide “whoo” to vote for by generating sample ballots using information sources you trust. Vote Owl also helps you know where and when to vote by automatically providing voting locations, directions, and reminders.


Vote Owl makes it easy to know where, when, and whom to vote for—with all essential information presented in a simple and intuitive digital experience.

Easily find your polling location, hours of operation, and set reminders.

Automatically receive all the information you need about the candidates on your ballot.

Trusted Sources

Political discourse today is distorted by bias and misinformation.

Vote Owl partners with credible information sources so that you can receive factual ballot information based upon reliable information sources that you specify and trust.


Vote Owl is designed to empower you to make informed voting decisions.

By providing you with access to reliable information about each candidate, you can feel confident that your voting selections align with your values and priorities.

Privacy & Security

Vote Owl takes privacy and security seriously. We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone, and all data is secured via encryption.

Due to our privacy policies, you will never receive SPAM or solicitations as a result of using Vote Owl.

Make Your Vote Count

Never miss an election.

Set and receive reminders about polling dates and hours, so you can vote according to your schedule.

Automatically receive detailed driving directions.

Sample Ballots

Generate sample ballots from information sources you select.

View Candidates

View all candidates in your voting district and their policy positions.


Display your voting locations with driving directions, schedules, and hours of operation.


Set and Receive automatic reminders that you control.


Your data is secure. No solicitations.