Our Team

Our team brings a broad range of experience to Vote Owl.  Despite divergent backgrounds in community outreach, politics, technology, and business, we are united in the belief that voter participation is critical for the health of our democracy.

Ken Romley

Ken Romley

Ken is a software engineer and technology entrepreneur who has created 4 successful software companies—and several marketing automation products.

In 2018, Ken ran for Congress. During the campaign, he noticed there weren’t any digital tools available to help voters confidently and reliably participate in elections. Vote Owl builds upon Ken’s experiences from the campaign trail and from lessons learned creating innovative marketing automation companies.

Along with many other achievements, W. Mondale is the Founding Principal of Black Male Voter Project, has founded and led #ALLACTION, has founded The C. Institute, is the creator of the BMEP Additory Approach© , and the CEO of WMR Consulting Firm. 

W. Mondale has worked on numerous campaigns, including his own where his surprise victory against an incumbent brought his innovative approach to campaigning to national attention.

He has appeared on national television news stations such as: Democracy Now, Al-Jazeera, NPR, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN, RT Germany, TYT, Australian Public

W. Mondale has political and cultural columns on The Village Celebration, and is a news content creator for Rebel HQ, a subsidiary of TYT, where he garners millions of views monthly.

W. Mondale Robinson

W. Mondale Robinson

Gary Zuckerman

Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis is an attorney in Raleigh with over three decades of experience.

In 2010, Ken L ran for the United States Senate. During the campaign, Ken brought a unique set of experiences, deeply rooted in the community organizations and non-profit associations that he served, to connect with young voters, progressives, and African Americans. Like Ken R and Gary, Ken L believes VoteOwl is a “game changer” that can increase voter participation and as a consequence, directly impact election outcomes.

Gary is a business development executive who has built direct, indirect, and international sales channels for several technology startups. In that capacity, he introduced innovative products that modernized the financial services, education, and manufacturing industries.

As a longtime observer of politics, Gary has been alarmed by the misinformation that has polarized political discourse. Like Ken, Gary would like to apply his technology and business skills to make it easier for voters to make informed choices and confidently participate in elections.

Gary Zuckerman

Gary Zuckerman

Gary Zuckerman

Kaylin Punotai

Kaylin is a software engineer with a strong desire to solve problems and deliver products that bring tangible improvements to the lives of others.

Motivated by the societal impact of active and informed citizens, Kaylin is dedicated to making Vote Owl a powerful tool that drives substantial voter engagement and empowers users to make informed choices.

Maya has led coordinating numerous events including leading the successful organization and hosting of the 2020 Young Black Travelers Virtual Summit, a high-impact event promoting cross-cultural exchange and global citizenship. Expertly moderated panel discussions and cultural expositions featuring prominent global diplomats, international bloggers, artists, and innovators,

Gary Zuckerman

Maya Lewis

Ken Romley

Wade Harris

Wade is an entrepreneur who has always embraced civic engagement.  He is not only the owner of a professional basketball team, the Raleigh Firebirds, but he also provides academic and athletic mentoring to pre-teen and teen boys at his Raleigh Personal Training Center. 

While Wade has always engaged in helping his community locally, he has also run across limits to the impact his individual contributions have made. Some problems are societal, and require the whole community to come together to make meaningful progress. This is why it is important that we all get involved in electing the leaders that can improve our community in more comprehensive ways. 

Tim has run a thriving accounting practice for over 20 years. In that capacity, he has worked with hundreds of organizations, and seen how critical government policies are in allowing people to be successful in these endeavors.

If more citizens were engaged in setting these government policies, Tim believes we would have better policies leading to healthier, more successful communities.

Gary Zuckerman

Tim Wicker

Ken Romley

Seth Woodard

Seth has spent many years working in politics. We was formerly on the staff at NCGA and is currently working for the U.S. Congressman from North Carolina’s first district.

As an active participant in numerous campaigns, Seth has always felt that elections could lead to positive change in his community and it has been frustrating to him that more people have not been engaged in the process. With Vote Owl, he sees an opportunity to make a real difference in this regard, and get significantly more people off the sidelines and into the voting booths.

"Now more than ever, Americans need to embrace their role in steering the US on a better path, and Vote Owl can play an important role in making that happen."

– Wade Harris