Candidate Benefits

 Delivering a full suite of tools to enhance community engagement

Increase voter participation

More than 50% of 35-64 year old voters only vote “sometimes.”¹ By simply removing logistical barriers and making it easier to choose candidates, Vote Owl can help campaigns encourage “sometimes voters” to vote with greater frequency.

Deliver your message directly to voters

Enhancing the information provided by brochures and mailers, voters with Vote Owl are notified by text when and where to vote while they learn your message and policy positions.

Improve canvassing and voter engagement

Canvassers have limited opportunities to engage with voters. By providing a free and intuitive mobile app, campaign workers can provide voters with easily digestible information about candidates, and they can use Vote Owl to connect with constituents early and throughout the election cycle. In addition, by tracking mobile downloads and usage analytics, canvassers can track their interactions, and campaigns can measure the effectiveness of voter outreach activities.

Build trust and stay connected with voters

Build trust with voters by helping them with voting logistics instead of simply pushing your candidacy. Send useful information to voters throughout the election cycle to build trust and familiarity with your campaign.

Build a fast growing network of support

Once a canvasser connects with an individual voter, it is easy for the voter to share your message with family and friends, who in turn can extend your network of supporters by sharing Vote Owl with their family and friends. Vote Owl can act as the “LinkedIn” of virtual canvassing.

¹FiveThirtyEight – Why Many Americans Don’t Vote

"The voters who installed Vote Owl turn out to vote, not just in general but in the primary too. What more could you ask for?"

– Leo Williams