Raise issue awareness early in the election cycle

Instead of relying on brochures and mailers, voters can download Vote Owl so that they know when and where to vote while they learn more about the policy positions you are promoting.

Deliver your policy research directly to voters

Vote Owl can be used as an effective digital channel for promoting your policy research and positions directly to voters in an “easy to consume” format.

Improve community engagement

Canvassers have limited opportunities to engage directly with members of the community. By providing a free and intuitive mobile app, volunteers can provide citizens with easily digestible information about your policy agenda, and they can use Vote Owl to connect with community members independently from election cycles. In addition, by tracking mobile downloads and usage analytics, canvassers can track their interactions, and your organization can measure the effectiveness of community outreach activities.

Build trust and stay connected with supporters

Build trust by helping community members with voting logistics instead of simply pushing your policy agenda. Send useful information to community members independent of election cycles to build trust and familiarity with your organization.

Expand your support network

Once a canvasser connects with a community member, it is easy for the member to share your message with family and friends, who in turn can extend your network of supporters by sharing Vote Owl with their family and friends. Vote Owl can act as the “LinkedIn” of virtual canvassing.

"We put a huge amount of effort into knowing where candidates stand on the issues we care about. Vote Owl helps us make sure that our investment pays off by getting these positions to the people who matter, the voters."

– Wade Harris